03.1 / Color Specifications

03.1 / Color Specifications
Accessibility color contrast compliance
Specific to text/font usage, WCAG 2.0 level AA requires a contrast ratio of 4.5:1 for normal text (14 point and bold or larger) and 3:1 for large text (18 point or larger).
Using the palette
United web 2.0 utilizes established brand colors in the modular system that has been established on the homepage. Each of the six primary colors have been assigned to the navigation modules on the homepage. Whenever possible, these colors should be used in connection with their module to create consistency. The color palette has also been expanded to include a new tertiary family, and an additional gray scale palette. This additional family provides for more flexibility, and has been specifically chosen to work well with the primary palette.
Primary palette
Referred to as united blue
Referred to as cool gray
Referred to as platinum gray
Referred to as sky blue
Referred to as premier blue
Referred to as modern gold

Secondary palette
* #F47920
This was the previous color used for orange but had to be changed to meet accessibility guidelines.
* #ED1C2E
This was the previous color used for red but had to be changed to meet accessibility guidelines.
* #2172BA
should only be used on links or actionable items. It passes AA compliance standards with sufficient contrast against our typography.
* #D0E5F7
should only be used on flight selection (rollover state) & review trip (selected state).

Membership palette
Our membership program palette is comprised of five colors, each associated with a particular MileagePlus membership level. These colors are only approved for use in communications that target audiences related to either Premier Silver. Premier Gold, Premier Platinum, 1K or United Global Services membership levels, respectively. When budgetary or technical constraints exist that limit the ability to use a color from the membership program palette, default to Premier blue and/or Platinum gray.
Members only palette
Referred to as premier silver
Referred to as premier gold
Referred to as premier platinum
Referred to as premier 1k
Referred to as global services

Greyscale palette
* Flight block only * #F2F2F2
should only be used on errors or advisory alerts.
Button gradients
The button gradients are visual cues used to convey a sense of selectability and draw attention to the element, in order to assist the user in completing a task.
Button gradients
Primary action
Gradient -
Top right: #EDB72B
Bottom left: #DF9210

Angle: 45°
Gradient slider: 20%
Secondary action
Gradient -
Top right: #E6E6E6
Bottom left: #CCCCCC

Angle: 45°
Gradient slider: 20%
Alternate action
Gradient -
Top right: #62A9E3
Bottom left: #2772C6

Angle: 45°
Gradient slider: 20%

Gray button on gray color field
The only time this gradient should be used, is when there is a secondary action (button) sitting within a gray color field. The buttons in this case should have a one pixel stroke added to give separation from the color field. This gradient is not to be used in any other circumstance.
Secondary button gradient (on gray color field)
Secondary action
Gradient -
Bottom: #E6E6E6

Stroke: 1px, #999999
Gradient slider: 30%
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