07.2 / Tabs

07.2 / Tabs
Primary tabs The primary tab system will usually be found at the top of the users interface. Tabs will be the main navigation when there are multiple selections that need to be made before one can proceed to the next step in the selection process. They also allow the traveler to make multiple selections within a limited space and without leaving that specific screen. Primary tabs are 200 pixels wide by 42 pixels tall.
Primary tabs
Secondary tabs Secondary tab systems will be found within the interior of the page and deal with specific groupings that further refine customization of specific options. Secondary tabs will be smaller in scale to help enforce the visual hierarchy established to group sections of content. They will be 150 pixels wide by 30 pixels tall.
Secondary tabs
Book flight widget tabs
Seat map tabs The seat selection tabs allow the user to select their desired seat for each of their flights without leaving the current screen. The active tab will be blue and display the active seat map from which the traveler may select a seat. The inactive will be light gray (#E6E6E6).
Seat map tabs
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